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Fire Safety Cert (FSC) & Disability Access Cert (DAC)

Fire Safety Cert (FSC) & Disability Access Cert (DAC)

Fire Safety Cert (FSC)

All construction work relating to either a new structure or the material alteration or change of use of an existing structure requires a fire safety certificate from the relevant local authority prior to work commencing.

DL Group are experienced in the preparation and the submission of Fire Safety Certificate Applications.

Disability Access Cert (DAC)

A Disability Access Certificate (DAC) is required for all new buildings other than dwellings, and extensions, material alterations and material changes of use to buildings other than dwellings.

A DAC ensures that a building has been designed so that adequate provisions have been made for the access and use a building, its facilities and its environs regardless of a persons age or size or having any particular physical, sensory, mental health or intellectual ability or disability.

Generally, a DAC application is prepared and submitted alongside a Fire Safety Certificate (FSC).

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